I believe that our concept of our own consciousness, self awareness and emotional well being as humans evolves through and as a product of the multitude of sensory messages produced by our society and sent to us throughout the days of our lives. Our social life and interactions tend to filter through our emotional well being, perhaps playing a determining factor in social harmony, social order, and balance.

In our modern day society of constant interaction with the vast stimuli of the senses, Create Sunshine is based on a founding principle that what we see and hear and touch on a daily basis inherently helps to fabricate our thought patterns and hence our temperament, hopes, and aspirations in life. 

In other words: see and touch happy positive things (that I've made) more often > feel slightly more happy and positive > subconsciously spread your slightly happier more positive mood when you interact with those around you > everyone is thus happier and more positive. 

Through its own vibrantly fluid continuum, Create Sunshine aspires to remind anyone 1n need of inspiration, of the power of the most basic beauty and energy in our world. Spread the Sunshine!

Business Philosophy: The drive behind Create Sunshine is a simple desire to provide the world with positivity and inspiration in our own visually creative way.

Sunshine Creations

Sunshine Creations is a bright, young and inventive company soon to be producing adhesive vinyl wall and window decals and murals, as well as wallpaper, wallcoverings, paper, cards, and eventually dishes all inspired from the curly, swirly, imaginative, colorful, impulsive drawing style of its founder, Karis L. Jackson.

In addition to marketing Sunshine Creations wall and window decal murals, wallpaper and wallcoverings to private homes, a large portion of the marketing efforts will be directed towards the numerous existing public service establishments such as hospitals, clinics, and institutions, reform/recovery centers, shelters, and public childcare/youth facilities.

Clients can enjoy the option of putting together a custom mural for their space by choosing among a wide array of adhesive vinyl decals. Varying designs of suns, grass, mountains, earths, rivers, trees, waterfalls, and flowers will be available to choose from.


The very first mobile placed lovingly over my crib, one of the main things I saw regularly as I gazed up from bed as an infant, was a little contraption with hanging stuffed animals all balancing on stuffed wheels as if on a ride at the fair, dancing around my head in circles to "It's a Small World."  The theme of the second mobile over my crib, was Winnie the Pooh.  

In my mom's 1st and 2nd grade class we each made different themed mobiles every month it seemed! We gained pride from sitting beneath the hand crafted mobiles so laboriously strung to the ceiling by the best teacher in the building.

Once I gained enough trust from my parents to elevate the creativity behind my bedroom decorations, I punched holes into about 40 glow in the dark stars and hung them each from my ceiling with thread and thumb tacks.

So in short, mobiles have always been a happy and loving part of my life, and now I can't stop making them! Right now they range in price from $75 to $95, and can be purchased at Etsy.com until I can get paypal up and running on this site.

Disclaimer: This company is called Babymobiles because that's my original inspiration. Babymobiles are made with tiny beads, and some of the ends sealed with super glue--therefore not at all meant to hang above baby's crib or to be touched by babies or small children. Somewhere ideal to hang these Babymobiles would be in a window seal above where small children and pets (cats in particular) may be able to reach.

Everything Needs a Place

Sunshine Creations inspired custom containers--after all:  Everything needs a Place!"

For as long as I can remember, I've been collecting containers of all sorts, shapes and sizes. I get the habit from the master trinket collector--my mother.  So it's finally occurred to me to combine my passion for Sunshine Creations with one of my favorite hobbies. 

Every weekend, I go to estate sales and garage sales casually yet eagerly searching for special containers to restore and decorate, and jewelry for babymobiles. You can buy a customized container already designed, or you can buy a blank container and I'll design it just for you including your name or whatever you'd like! Either way, all containers are one of a kind and handmade by yours truly.

Right now containers range in price from $40 to $100, and can be purchased at Etsy.com until I can get paypal up and running on this site.


I LOVE flowers. Always have--always will. Unfortunately, I've also always been allergic to pollen :( So I've spent most of my life either avoiding touching flowers or forgetting my allergy completely to enjoy flowers from a friend or a roll down a grassy hill--only to suffer for the next 24 hours.

I finally realized I can actually still enjoy and even use flowers in my life. My home is now decorated with FauxFlowers Bouquets of all sizes and my hair is regularly adorned with a FauxFlowers Hair Pin!

Do you know anyone like me with allergies who ironically loves flowers?

-Faux Flowers Hair Pins available!

-FauxFlower bouquets hand-prepared and delivered seasonally to your pollen sensitive friends and family!